Kang Dong Won Wants to Film Dramas But Was Recently Rejected

2014-08-10 07:27:00 2014-08-10 07:27:00

Kang Dong Won confesses that he wanted to film dramas but he was rejected recently.

On today’s episode of MBC‘s “Section TV,” Kang Dong Won was interviewed with co-actress Song Hye Gyo for their movie “My Brilliant Life.” Kang Dong Won said, “I wanted to film dramas, but I don’t think I got a good response and they didn’t call me back. I really wanted to do this certain drama for a long time, but I was rejected.” 

Song Hye Gyo responded to Kang Dong Won’s sad confession about his rejection, saying, “Maybe we should film a drama next year.” 

Kang Dong Won was last in a drama in 2004. The drama was titled “Magic.”

The movie “My Brilliant Life,” which is about a couple who has a son with Progeria syndrome, will premiere September 3 this year.

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