Cable Channel tvN Plans to Hold Year-End Awards Ceremony

2014-08-13 00:43:19 2015-04-29 00:31:50
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It seems that celebrities will have to make more room in their year-end schedule as another awards ceremony will be taking place by the end of the year.

On August 13, a broadcasting representative said that cable channel tvN is in the start of its planning stages for a year-end awards ceremony. This will be the first for cable channel tvN.

While media giant CJ E&M taking the lead in the year-end awards with its Style Icon Awards and Mnet Asian Music Awards, tvN plans to hold a special awards ceremony for its own channel which will give recognition to its own contents.

The tvN year-end awards ceremony will be putting the spot light on the broadcasted and currently broadcasting variety programs and drama series on tvN including “SNL Korea,” “Youth Over Flowers,” “The Genius 3,” “Gap-dong,” High School King,” “The Three Musketeers,” and “Cinderella’s Sister,” and award outstanding producers and cast of those shows.

The tvN year-end awards ceremony that has long been discussed internally before will finally begin its planning stages and take its first steps. The awards ceremony is projected to be held its first staging this year. It will reflect the interest and opinions of the broadcasting world on tvN’s popular variety programs and drama series.

With the mindset that “even an awards ceremony is (part of a network’s) content,” tvN plans to make “an awards ceremony that is most likely of tvN.” Currently, particular details of its format and direction are yet to be completed but it promises to not be a copycat of other existing awards ceremonies.