Rain Fantasizes About Food: “I Want to Feel What It’s Like to Chew”

2014-08-13 23:39:30 2014-08-13 23:39:30

World star Rain, who is known for his luxurious body, revealed his hidden fantasies about food.

On August 13, Rain wrote on his Twitter, “I’m hungry… I really really want to feel what it’s like to chew. I want my tongue to feel like its ripping apart from the spiciness. The happiness of eating, happiness you can feel. I want to eat something so salty you have to drink water. I want to feel. I want to take acid reflux medication. I want to forget my goal. Why do I have so much greed for food.” His monologue was made complete with a photo of Ddukbokki, spicy rice cakes.

Rain was recently cast in the SBS drama “My Lovely Girl,” which is set to air after “It’s Okay It’s Love.” The drama is a fantasy-romance, and it will center around South Korea’s greatest entertainment company. It is expected to make a premiere on September 17.