Recap: “A Pink’s Showtime” Ep 2 – Slip and Slide the Summer Away

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Previously on “A Pink’s Showtime“, Bungee jumps and red lipstick happened. Yes, that sounds completely weird out of context but we expect no less from a show featuring the lovably random A Pink. In this week’s blockbuster episode, food will be eaten, slides will be slid, water will be wet, and a belly will flop as the team heads to the water park for an impromptu summer trip.

Dull And Important Disclaimer Stuff: Lordbordem is the official penguin of the Soompi team, and as such Lordbordem talks of himself in 3rd person. As a penguin, Lordbordem does not see the world in the same way that those dastardly human editors do. Lordbordem’s opinion definitely does NOT reflect the opinions of the rest of the human Soompi Team or Soompi itself. Seriously, don’t trust a penguin.

A Pink

Chapter 1 – Chorong the traditionalist 

On one fine August day, the House of A Pink is filled with the sounds of bored little A Pink members. As they sit around the TV, contemplating the realities of this casual lounge-about, a question appears to brighten their day. Oh~ sweet ladies~ will you do a summer photo shoot, the question asks eagerly, as the eyes of male Panda’s all over widen in glee. No, reply the ladies in casual. We would rather eat ice cream, watermelons, and the many other summer delights to wash away the heat. We don’t have a summer photo shoot, says Bomi with a shy tick to her voice. But! The light bulb clicks in the head of Bomi! Let us go to a water park! We can shoot the much requested summer photo shoot there and also rescue ourselves from this chamber of heat and boredom. Decision made, the scene transitions with a flick of Chorong.

 A Pink

A few days pass by and we have left the House of A Pink for the Waters of Fun. The A Pink members walk into view one by one, each in a dazzling array of summer beach fashions. The hats of Ha Young and Naeun stand out amongst the hat-less, their wide brims strategically chosen to give them an advantage in the modern war for smaller face sizes. That is merely the start for much greater things awaiting, for we see the ladies of A Pink in swim attire for the first time in ages. (Won’t say first time ever because I’m sure there is some smarter Panda than me who is going to say that one of the A Pink members were in a swimsuit in Episode whatever of some obscure show I never watched). 

A Pink

The day has yet to begin and already we see some differences. We have the leisure trio of Nam Joo, Bomi, and Chorong, their goal simply to enjoy the pleasures of this fine water park. Then we have the hatty duo of Naeun and Ha Young, dressed to their very prettiest ready for a proper photo shoot. Chorong the traditionalist is unmoved by their glamour, vowing to never wear such attire for they are too racy in the eyes of our great dear leader.  The hatty duo rebels against this perception, boasting that only the confident can wear such clothing. The words of Ha Young cause the leisure trio to break apart as Nam Joo and Bomi abandon the traditionalist to join their confident compatriots. 

With a slip of the tongue, Chorong reveals her inner self, looking for men amongst the sea of nothingness. Bomi is not one to let this rest and is quick to expose their leader’s true(?) intentions. The controversy(?) only dies down once the conservative lady clarifies that the men she seeks are the lifesavers that will keep them safe. Minor crisis averted, the focus shifts back to the job at hand; we have a photo shoot to do! But of five, only two are dressed for work and only one is the youngest of them all. Guess what that means? We shall join you once you’re done, say the remaining four as they prod their youngling forward. The youngling takes their word to heart and proceeds to dance about in the water for their summer photo shoot. With their performance complete, their job is done and the remaining four leave their begging youngling behind. What? You expected this to be a fair fight?

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