Recap: “A Pink’s Showtime” Ep 4 – Minki’s Big Day Out

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Previously on A Pink News Showtime, Japan bore the full brunt of the A Pink Onslaught; Bomi blew out some candles and the ladies ate their way through the streets of Hongdae. This week, the ladies will face their greatest challenge as they make sure their distinguished guest for the evening gets all the creature comforts he needs while also ensuring that they don’t do anything to annoy him lest they face the full wrath of Eunji. This is Minki’s Big Day Out.

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A Pink

Chapter 1 –  Eunji, the sister obsessed with her little brother

We begin the day with most of the ladies lounging around the living room. I say most because Bomi is once again being the odd one out, lying underneath the coffee table while having her socks tied together by Chorong (Yeah, don’t try to make too much sense of that).

The Question Camera pings and Bomi bounces over to heed their call. This week’s question is about Eunji, who is well known for being obsessed over her little brother. The Q Camera wants to know what they are like with each other. Eunji initially denies being obsessed about her little brother. Bomi, however, backs up the Q Camera, saying that Eunji would always call and be a mother-like figure to him. In this case, that involves lots and lots of scolding according to Bomi, which rather flusters the listening Eunji.

A Pink

The members mention that Minki should be on school break at the moment. Eunji tells them her brother is already quite disappointed in her for not inviting him over during the holidays. They decide on the spot to invite him over then and there, making use of the fact that Eunji has some spare time now since her drama has ended. Eunji gives her brother a call to see if he is busy. During all of this, Bomi is in the background constantly teasing Eunji about being obsessed over her little brother (Why do I get the sense that Bomi is going to regret this soon?).

A Pink

Minki picks up the phone and tells them he is free to come over in a few days time. Eunji asks him what he would like to do once he’s here. His first response is that he wants to go to the lovely Cheonggyecheon stream with his sister. The other members are quick to label him a romanticist for picking the stream over more common locales like theme parks. With all that decided, Eunji asks Minki if he has anything to say to his big sister. Minki tells her he loves her and that should be the end of the call….except Hayoung suddenly chimes in and says she will tell him a three-word poem using the word cider (At this point, you shouldn’t be surprised by these random outbursts).

A Pink

So what is this great poem? It must be pretty good for Hayoung to suddenly chime in about it. The great poet Hayoung says, “I love you Minki, this much, it’s all a lie” (How does this relate to cider? It does if you say it in Korean since the first syllable in each line is each of the characters of the word cider.) Great poem over, Minki made speechless, Eunji ends the call by telling her brother that she also loves him. Meanwhile, the rest of the members, fueled by jealousy, tell their non-present siblings that they love them.

A Pink

Now that master Minki is coming over, they need to decide what to do. Bomi says that they should go visit the circus while on their visit to Cheonggyecheon, which is swiftly ignored by everyone else. Bomi also suggests they should cook Minki some of his favorite dishes (Which is quite scary coming from the person that made the great Kimbab leftover tower of Apink News Season 1). Eunji reveals that he is a bit of a carnivore but even among the numerous types of lovely meat available, he especially a big fan of duck meat. Meal decided, what next? The circus! Bomi once again suggests the circus and once again the members aren’t particular enthused by it. Instead Hayoung suggests that Bomi can perform a bunch of circus acts herself. (Which means we will most likely see a bunch of zoo animals by the end of this episode)

Next – Minki arrives in Seoul while A Pink channels the spirit of Daejanggeum