Soompi K-Pop Idol Rap Battle: Semifinals

2014-09-02 11:06:51 2014-09-02 11:06:51

Welcome back to the Soompi K-Pop Idol Rap Battle! It’s now time for the semifinals, featuring… drumroll… GD, Zelo, Amber, and Rap Monster!

After heated battles, all four quarterfinal rounds ended with an average difference of 55 to 45. Each matchup contained its own drama. Zelo’s win over T.O.P was perhaps the “quietest” of them all; perhaps BIGBANG fans could face the loss to B.A.P’s maknae with fortitude, seeing as G-Dragon scored yet another win, this time against 2PM’s Taecyeon. The Hott ests put up a good fight, but once the spam was cleared, GD was named the victor.

The most talked-about round was undoubtedly that between Bang Yong Guk and Rap Monster. Even the most hardcore B.A.P and BTS fans admitted that this was a difficult choice to make, as both Yong Guk and Rapmon have clearly proven their worth. In the end, Rap Monster pulled ahead for the win.

Our vote for surprise of the day would have to go to Amber’s win over Tao. In past contests, there’s been a heavy bias toward EXO members, and we had no reason to suspect that it wouldn’t continue, since Tao had beat heavyweight Zico during the last round. But Amber is definitely one of SM’s strongest rappers, and we congratulate her win!


In the end, our semifinal matches are:

Zelo vs. Amber

GD vs. Rap Monster

Turn to the next page to view the videos and vote. You can vote once every three hours, and voting for this round will close at the end of Friday, September 5, KST. Let’s go!