Recap: “A Pink’s Showtime” Ep 6 – Not Even Rain Can Stop Us from Eating

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Previously on a blockbuster A Pink Showtime, Bomi drew some bugs, Nam Joo lost all hope, Naeun was a statue, Eunji fires some energy beams, Chorong became Iron Lady, Ha Young got flustered and there was puppies, many many puppies. This week is a Ha Young bonanza as the members head off on a train trip to the lovely recreation city of Chuncheon, just like Ha Young wanted. However, all is not well when they arrive.

A Pink

Chapter 1 – The A Pink Express 999

It’s a rainy autumn day and the A Pink members gather around the entrance stairs of Yongsan station, singing some rain related tunes. Ha Young is looking rather elated today, taking the lead and bouncing about in glee. So why have the A Pink members come to a train station? That’s because today they will be fulfilling Ha Young’s telepathy wish from last week!

What does this mean? This means that Ha Young and Co. will be getting on a train and heading out to the lovely recreation city of Chuncheon for a day of fun and excitement! By excitement, we obviously mean food, plenty and plenty of food. But there is slight problem. It’s raining cats and dogs. This doesn’t seem to faze the members thou, when has a little rain stopped them?

A Pink

Chorong, however, proposes that they should catch a train to Chuncheon then immediately turn around and come back by train. A true “train” trip. Hopefully that won’t happen for their sakes. Anyway the young members head up the stairs full of anticipation while old little Chorong and Eunji gingerly climb up the stairs (Only to start sprinting up once the youngin’s tell them the last one up has to buy them all coffee.)

In the station, Naeun goes up to the counter to buy tickets for the next train to Chuncheon. Tickets bought, the next thing they need to do is, of course, buy some much needed snacks. Tickets in one hand and bread in the other, the ladies head down to the platform to board their train. On the platform, Chorong and Bomi gets some fresh dance inspirations from the sights and sounds of the train station.