Recap: “A Pink’s Showtime” Ep 6 – Not Even Rain Can Stop Us from Eating

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A Pink

Chapter 2 – Eggs Are There to Be Broken

On the A Pink Express, the ladies busy themselves by taking artistic photos of Naeun along with numerous other selfies. Photos, however, are just a small part of their trip. One of the best parts of a train trip is to stuff your face with snacks of all shapes and sizes. Among the various types of snacks on offer, the one that most comes mind is boiled eggs. Luckily Eunji didn’t forget this vital information and has bought some eggs.

A Pink

However, eggs have shells and shells need to be broken. You could always break it yourself but that would just be dull. Bomi instead proposes that they break the eggs on each others’ head. Even better, why have everyone do it when you could just use one head for all six eggs? To see who gets the honor of lending their heads to this important task, the group plays a simple game of scissors paper rock.

A Pink

The stage is set and the dice is rolled. The ladies play their cards and as the dust settles, Nam Joo and Naeun are the only ones left standing. However, we only require one head, therefore the show must go on! Unable to look each other in the eye, our worthy warriors look away before playing their final hand.

The results are conclusive, Naeun’s scissors slices through Nam Joo’s paper with ease. Even before our unfortunate victim(?) can process this information, Bomi holds her egg up high then strikes down on the head of Nam Joo like Thor’s hammer.

However, the worst is yet to come. Gladiator Eunji steps up next. With egg in one hand, our fearless egg breaker eyes her target with glee, adjusting her aim with absolutely precision.

Meanwhile, Nam Joo can do nothing but shut her eyes in fear, unable to predict when the final strike will come.

Preparations complete, Eun Ji goes in for the kill! A decisive strike, one that Nam Joo will remember for a long time.

A Pink

Two down but there is still three more to go. However, the rest of the members fill pity for Nam Joo and decide to break it themselves. Ha Young even goes as far as to question how anyone could break the eggs over someone’s head, leaving Eunji in a rather awkward position.

Naeun then decides to break it over her own head with resounding success. Eggs broken, the members dig in to the delicious innards.

Of course, there is no sharing.