Recap: “A Pink’s Showtime” Ep 6 – Not Even Rain Can Stop Us from Eating

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A Pink

Chapter 3 – The Food Cart Raid

Chorong then asks why Ha Young wanted to go on a train trip so much. Ha Young talks about how her friends would talk about all the train trips they would take. Naeun also mentions how she has yet to go on any university camps yet. Clearly this trip will fulfill the wishes of a lot of the members.

A pink

Given that Ha Young is the one that suggested Chuncheon, we could reasonably presume that she knows her way around the city…right? However, Ha Young remains silent when asked by Chorong to be their guide. Naeun talks about how they should go canoeing. Ha Young also approves, saying that stormy weather is the best time to go canoeing. Eunji, however, is having none of that and asks her if she’s planning on being swept away by the rapids. Naeun, however, is still clearly interested as she continues to look up photos of canoeing on her phone. You never know, the weather might improve once they get there (ahahaha no…)

A Pink

It’s been a few minutes now since their last feast and the food has run dry. Not a problem right? They should all be full. ahahaha of course not. The ladies still have a long way to go and their stomachs demand more sacrifices! Good news! There are food carts on trains so they can stock up once the lady comes around with the cart. But just buying food would be no fun, let’s spice this up by playing a game.

A Pink

They will tape some lines on the floor, the members will then pick which leg will pass the line first when the cart lady comes. The group that picks the right leg will have to pay for all their food. Bomi, Chorong and Eunji are in the right leg team while Nam Joo, Ha Young and Naeun will be the left leg team. Once a group loses, they will play scissors paper rock once again to pick just one person.

A Pink

Game decided, they wait for the food cart. Then! The door glides open and the majestic sight of a cart full of food enters their view. As the cart lady walks past, all their eyes are focus on the line taped onto the floor. Which team will come out victorious?

A Pink

As the cart lady walks by, she gracefully places her left leg across the line. It appears that the juniors will have to fight it out among themselves now. After a few intense quick rounds of scissors paper rock, the lucky(?) individual that gets to pay for A Pink’s snacks is finally decided. Unfortunately, it’s once again Nam Joo on the receiving end. Really not her day today is it?

Eunji and Chorong are already busy picking out snacks from the cart. They also decide to be very generous (With Nam Joo’s money) by buying the staff some snacks as well. Paying no attention to the clearly concerned financier, Eunji begins to raid the cart for everything it has, filling both hands with an assortment of snacks.

Now that the storm has passed, it’s time to see what the damage was like. The cart lady gets her calculator out (Siren’s probably blaring in Nam Joo’s head at the moment) and starts to calculate the total costs. So what is the final cost? A staggering US$45 dollars! Just on snacks! Our dear financier is left in a state of shock as she hands over her bank card to pay for this massive buffet. As the cart lady leaves the scene, she once again steps over the line with her left leg. Perhaps this is what you call fate?