Recap: “A Pink’s Showtime” Ep 6 – Not Even Rain Can Stop Us from Eating

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A Pink

Chapter 6 – Miss Ha Young’s Short Rebellion

The Q Cam then rings again. This time they have received a question from a certain Miss Oh Ha Young from the Seoul Performance Arts High School. Miss Ha Young wants to know if A Pink will have a Reversed Seniority Chat (Where the oldest person becomes the youngest and vice versa). A Pink’s Ha Young then claims that the staff promised to keep this anonymous. Obviously she didn’t pinky swear.

Right hand women, Bomi, then inquires with Big Boss Chorong about whether they should carry out Ha Young’s question.  Big Boss Chorong, right hand Bomi and left hand Eun Ji deliberate on the matter while the juniors wait in horror. The gang starts to question a clearly flustered Ha Young about the various conditions of her wish.

A Pink

As Big Boss Chorong continues to berate Ha Young for her insolence, Bomi and Eunji quietly gestures from behind the big boss, telling the juniors to go ahead with this plan. Bomi then resumes her role as right hand women, telling the boss that she is not in favor of this wish (While secretly giving Ha Young the OK!).

Unfortunately, Big Boss Chorong is not blind to these schemes and punishes Bomi for her treachery. Defeated, the boss decides to go ahead with the chat session. Eunji gets the phone out to record this momentous event. It will go for just one minute and they must do everything they want within that time.

Timer starts and Bomi immediately decides to give their new junior, Chorong, a cute little face rub.

Bomi continues her attack, telling Chorong to sit correctly. Naeun also joins in on the fun and tells our new junior to say something. Eunji is also unable to avoid being targeted by her new seniors.  The new boss, Ha Young, worries about the state of Bomi’s ripped jeans.

A Pink

Chorong then asks if she has to speak politely to them, of course says a brave Bomi. Naeun then tells her to call her “Unni/Older Sister.” Chorong then asks why she has to while glaring at Naeun. Unable to endure her piercing glares, Naeun answers back in the most polite way possible.

Chorong continues her push, asking Bomi if she’s having fun in a rather sinister manner.

A Pink

Bomi starts to get up to retaliate but the timer has reached zero. Bomi quickly goes silent but is unable to avoid Chorong’s retribution. Bomi, however, has learned nothing from her experience and wants to do this again, which warrants another attack from Chorong. As Chorong continues to question Bomi’s loyalty towards the boss, the junior members avoid making eye contact, hoping to avoid the wrath of Chorong.

A Pink

In an effort to save herself, Bomi pins the blame on Ha Young. A benevolent Chorong then tells the juniors that she is more than happy to do this again (While glaring at them ominously.) Ha Young quickly tells her she absolutely hates these sorts of games in an effort to survive.

A Pink

Ha Young tries to change the topic by asking if there is another question. Rather than wait for a real question, Bomi goes forward and sets her own question, asking the members what they want to eat. Bomi then claims that they did nothing besides doing Ha Young’s seniority chat. Ha Young retaliates by asking her if she didn’t enjoy it as well, to which Bomi says she wanted to thank her for the occasion. Ha Young then does another self Q-Cam, stating that the staff will pay for A Pink’s meal. With that decided, the members head out to fill their tummies.