Recap: “A Pink’s Showtime” Ep 6 – Not Even Rain Can Stop Us from Eating

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A Pink

Chapter 7 – The Chickens Come Bearing Love

At the restaurant, the members are enthralled by the sounds of sizzling chickens and vegetables. They decide to express their happiness by doing a word poem using the words “Spicy Grilled Chicken.” Nam Joo starts off with a simple poem about grinding up chicken and mixing it together. Ha Young’s poem is a roller coaster of emotions, starting off lighthearted about chickens in a coop before turning dark and talking about how chickens were fated to become food.

Next up is Naeun, who already looks tense. To help her out the members all decide to react favorably to her no matter what the poem. Naeun then gives us a poem about how the rain keeps on falling. Nothing special however the members react like they’ve seen the rebirth of Charlie Chaplin.

A Pink

Last to give her poem is big boss Chorong, who fields a series of questions disguised as a poem. She questions why they have come to Chuncheon and if they are just here to eat chicken.

Chicken fully cooked, the members dig in, filling their bellies with an endless stream of spicy chicken. They then decide to give a chicken wrap to the person that they are most thankful for. Bomi starts off and gives her wrap to Ha Young. She was thankful of the fact that Ha Young would listen to everything she said. Bomi manages to avoid cringing till the very last moment.

A Pink

Nam Joo is next and she hands her wrap to our big boss, Chorong. Unfortunately, the wrap is slightly too big and she is unable to eat it in one bite. As for why she received such a big thanks, Nam Joo says that they are where they are today thanks to their leader. Chorong was always there to reel them back when they were becoming too rowdy and would act as the anchor that held everything together.

Ha Young begins to prepare her wrap when Bomi quips in to say that she should be the recipient. Bomi mentions how she would always keep entertained.  Despite this pressure, Ha Young has someone else in mind. She hands her wrap over to Eunji. As Ha Young prepares to explain why, she unfortunately forgets Eunji’s name and has to ask her what it is. Ha Young gave her wrap to Eunji because she was sorry about not being able to take care of Eunji more as she recorded her drama. She was especially troubled by the fact that she only found out later that Eun Ji went to the emergency room for exhaustion.

Naeun then gives her wrap to Ha Young, her 2nd wrap for the day. As roommates, Naeun is thankful of the fact that Ha Young would listen to everything she has to say. Naeun talks about how Ha Young would stay awake late at night to listen to her. Bomi tries to break this mood by claiming that Ha Young sleeps late anyway.

Eunji, meanwhile, is preparing a wrap of massive proportions. Bomi calls it as a punishment wrap. However, as the wrap gets bigger and bigger, Bomi’s concern too grows as well. As they say, bad premonitions usually tend to come true as Eunji’s wrap heads towards the mouth of Bomi. Bomi tries to hand it off to Nam Joo with little success. She eats the massive wrap behind the cover of a dish to protect her image. As for why Eun Ji prepared such a big wrap, she wanted to thank all the members for supporting her during her drama recording. She was also especially thankful of Bomi for taking care of her.

A Pink

Last of all, Chorong has prepared two wraps. Nam Joo predicts that the two wraps are for the two members that have yet to receive a wrap. Her guess is correct as Chorong’s wraps head towards Nam Joo and Naeun. Chorong reveals that the only person that called her during their recent vacation was Nam Joo. She was thankful because she had volunteered to stay back at home by herself. Bomi said she would call but never did.

A Pink

As for Naeun, Chorong understands that Naeun isn’t the type to openly express her feelings but knows that Naeun cares for everyone deeply. Naeun appears to be moved by this statement and looks to be on the verge of tears. Bomi tries to change the mood by joking around but is unable to stop the flood of tears. As Naeun starts to cry, Chorong also begins to cry (Just as Bomi predicted).

Heart warming meal over, the members head back to the station for the long ride back home. Ha Young is disappointed that they couldn’t go canoeing this time around. She had even prepared some extra clothes just in case. Hopefully they’ll get a chance to go canoeing next time.