Chanyeol, Song Ga Yeon, and Others Bid Farewell on Finale of “Roommate” Season One

2014-09-14 09:23:56 2014-09-14 09:23:56

Season one of SBS‘ celebrity home sharing variety show “Roommate” has come to an end.

On the September 14 broadcast of the show, the last members of season one who will not be coming back for season two said their goodbyes.

Chanyeol of EXOShin Sung Woo, Hong Soo Hyunand Song Ga Yeon all had an opportunity to say their last goodbyes on the show.

Chayeol said, “I felt like we were a family and I’m so thankful that they treated me like their younger brother. I don’t think I’ll be able to forget the memories we share.”

Hong Soo Hyun added, “I hope they make many more good memories with the new members. But you can’t forget about me!”

Shin Sung Woo also said, “It was fun living as Shin Mom,” commenting that he was glad he could show a different side to him.

Song Ga Yeon said that she was thankful that she no longer felt lonely because of being on the show.

After  facing many controversies and problems, “Roommate” season one has come to an end. Season two of “Roommate” featuring brand new roommates will start airing on September 21.