Recap: “A Pink’s Showtime” Ep 7 – A Trip down Memory Lane

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Previously on A Pink Showtime, the fine ladies in pink enjoyed a rather stormy trip to the city of Chuncheon. Now that they’ve had their fun, it is back to work mode as they prepare for their Japanese activities. With a new chapter in A Pink history soon to unfold, now is a better time then ever to look back to their beginnings. This week is going to be a real trip down memory lane filled with dancing, hip hop and a random circus performance.


Chapter 1 – I Know What You Did 4 Years Ago

It’s a new day and once again the ladies are lounging…wait…what is this? The members are gathered together in the recording studio, reading something very seriously. A Pink is being serious, I’m scared, someone hold me. Anyway back to being serious, the members have gathered to prepare for their Japanese activities. Today they will be recording the Japanese version of “No No No.”


While the other members read over the lyric sheet outside, Bomi is inside the recording studio busily recording her sections. She doesn’t seem too pleased with her first attempt and goes again. Eunji is next in the recording studio and she seems to have little problems with the new Japanese lyrics, singing them with aplomb.


Recording done for now, all the members gather around the sofa. They start to talk about how it feels to debut in a new country and how it feels weird to sing in a different language. Eunji then asks the rest of the members what “Weird” in Japanese is. Even during these breaks, the members appear to be keeping up to date with their Japanese.


At that point, the Q Cam rings in with a question. We want to know what kind of songs the members sang during the pre-debut auditions. You know what this means? It’s time for a trip down memory lane, take a moment to look back at their beginnings, to make sure they debut in Japan with the same mindset they had during their Korean debut.

Chorong is the first to talk about her audition process. Unlike some of the other members, she passed through the audition thanks to her dancing skills, beating out over 23,000 other participants during Cube’s open auditions. She talks about how she always wanted to be a singer but had no idea how to reach that goal. To make matters worse, Chorong was located quite far away from Seoul and had actually never been to the big city by herself until her audition.

However, she wanted to try something before it was too late and so applied for the audition, with the mindset that this would be her first and last attempt at it. Obviously the rest is history and we get to see Chorong during her audition, dancing to 4Minute’sHot Issue.” (Pretty good at it I might add. It would be interesting to see A Pink do something similar one day)

We now know that Chorong demonstrated quite some talent in the dancing department but what about singing? Chorong then remembers that she sang Navi’s “I love you” during her audition, which she then proceeds to sing out loud, helped out by Bomi. The rest of the members also join in and we get a mini sing a long going.


Bomi is next and she sang J’s “Like Yesterday.” Eunji then asks her to sing it and Bomi obliges. She also gets her phone out to play the backing track. She gets her pencil microphone ready and then…misses the first beat due to nervousness. However, she recovers quickly and sings along. Unfortunately she misses the beat again and keeps forgetting the lyrics. Eunji teases her, telling her that she’s changed.