Actors So Yi Hyun and In Kyo Jin Unveil Their Beautiful Wedding Photos

2014-09-27 09:04:08 2014-09-27 13:54:47

Actors In Kyo Jin and So Yi Hyun have revealed stunning wedding pictorial ahead of their upcoming wedding date.

On September 27, KAMA Studio, which was in charge of the soon-to-be married couple’s wedding photo shoot, showcased a number of In Kyo Jin – So Yi Hyun couple’s photos.

In some of these pictures, the groom-to-be is dressed in a clean-cut tuxedo, while the bride-to-be is wearing a long and lovely white dress. They also successfully pulled off a more free and laid back concept, in which they posed together in just a simple white t-shirt and jeans.

The two of them first met when they were under the same management company 12 years ago, and ended up working with one another in various dramas, including “Yellow Handkerchief,” “Ae-ja and Min-ja,” and “Happy Ending,” as well as a few other productions.

Meanwhile, In Kyo Jin and So Yi Hyun will finally be tying the knot on October 4!
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