Does Jung Yoo Mi Like Jung Kyung Ho or Shinhwa’s Eric?

2014-09-27 19:50:36 2014-09-27 19:56:07

Actress Jung Yoo Mi showed that she has more interest in Shinhwa’s Eric than actor Jung Kyung Ho.

On the September 27 episode of “Entertainment Weekly,” the show aired a segment with the protagonists of the movie Manhole,” which are Jung Kyung Ho, Jung Yoo Mi,and Kim Sae Ron.

During the segment, they were using a lie detector, and Jung Kyung Ho asked Jung Yoo Mi, “I like Jung Kyung Ho more than Eric.” Jung Yoo Mi is currently acting with Eric in “Discovery of Love.”

Jung Yoo Mi answered, “I like Jung Kyung Ho more!” with confidence, but the lie detector revealed that answer was a lie. After that, Jung Kyung Ho yelled, “I’m not doing this! I’ll leave!” and he aroused laughter after getting up from his chair.

Meanwhile, “Manhole” tells a story of two sisters who are chased by a murderer who lives in a “manhole” in the city’s underground. The movie opens on October 8.


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