2PM’s Taecyeon Asks Hottests and Angels to Stop Fighting

2014-09-29 00:44:05 2014-09-29 00:54:33

2PM‘s Taecyeon has taken to Twitter to reveal his thoughts on the ongoing conflict between 2PM’s fanclub Hottest and Teen Top‘s fanclub Angels.

On September 29, he left the following message on his Twitter: “It doesn’t matter if you’re a Hottest or an Angel – let’s stop. Just like we [members of each group] are important to you, fans are also important to us. Instead of picking on and badmouthing each other, let’s look at our oppas one more time and think ‘I am an enlightened being,’ and get over it. Isn’t life too short even for appreciating all the beautiful things?”

Previously, fellow 2PM member Jun.K left a mysterious message on his Twitter, “Sajaegi? #EVERYBODYKNOWS.”  Sajaegi is term used to describe “chart manipulation.” Korean news reports and netizens place this tweet in the context of 2PM’s loss to Teen Top on “Music Bank” this past week.

The issue of ‘Sajaegi’ continues a hot topic on social media networks, with the term trending on and off on Twitter for the Seoul and/or Korea area for the past 24 hours.

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