EXO’s Tao Says He Takes Photos to Keep Record of His Memories

2014-09-29 00:17:03 2014-09-29 00:17:03

On September 29, creative lifestyle magazine The Celebrity released an interview and pictorial featuring EXO member Tao.

In the pictorial, Tao transforms into a ‘fashion photographer’ and shows off his own distinct charms. He can be seen posing with a camera in hand, as he takes on a variety of angles to photograph model Baek Ji Won.

During the interview following the photo shoot, Tao shared what photographs mean to him: “To me, photos have the meaning of recording. It’s my own database to keep record of the precious times that are memories.”

On his thoughts of becoming a ‘fashion photographer,’ Tao expressed, “I was a bit nervous because I’ve never really had experience taking photos of anyone other than the [EXO] members or the close friends around me.”

Model Baek Ji Won complimented Tao’s ability to choose the best cuts and revealed, “I’ve worked with a lot of photographers in the past, but this was a new and different experience.”

In the October issue of The Celebrity, you can find out who Tao chooses as the member he most wants to photograph, as well as a concept he wants to try for a pictorial, and more.

Check out some of the cuts below!
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