Jeon Hye Bin Gathers Beautiful Celebrity Friends On Her Birthday

2014-09-29 09:34:42 2014-09-29 09:34:42
Jeon Hye Bin, Yuri, Chaeyeon, Park Soo Jin

Actress Jeon Hye Bin has recently celebrated her birthday through a small party together with her friends. On September 29, the actress posted photos taken from her celebration which caught the attention of people because her guests included some of the industry’s beautiful faces.

As seen in the photos uploaded on Jeon Hye Bin’s Instagram, a couple of her celebrity and non-celebrity friends of came to her intimate party to congratulate her. Girls’ Generation’s Yuri and singer Chaeyeon, together with an unidentified non-celebrity friend smiled sweetly while actress Park Soo Jin had a goofy face on when they posed for a photo with Jeon Hye Bin. Along with the photo, Jeon Hye Bin posted, “love yha♡” and showed the close relationship with the three celebrities.
Jeon Hye Bin, Yuri, Chaeyeon, Park Soo Jin

Another photo showed the ladies happily joining the group photo along with other friends of Jeon Hye Bin.

Jeon Hye Bin


Happy birthday, Jeon Hye Bin! We’re glad you had a great time with your friends!~