Actress Kim Sae Ron Takes On a More Mature Look in Her Recent Pictorial For InStyle

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Child actress Kim Sae Ron does not look like a little girl anymore for the InStyle pictorial she recently took part in.

During the interview that happened following the photo shoot, Kim Sae Ron showed maturity that is still rare to find in people who are the same age as her. After shooting her first pictorial for a magazine when she was not even a year old, Kim Sae Ron officially entered the film industry at the age of eight. At eleven, she came to star alongside Won Bin in one of the most acclaimed Korean movies, “The Man From Nowhere,” and now, at fifteen, she will be coming back with her newest movie “Manhole,” starring fellow actors Jung Kyung Ho and Jung Yoo Mi.

Kim Sae Ron said, “I started as a child actress but I don’t want to have that label forever. I want to grow out of that. I still have a long way to go but when I get to become twenty-five years old, I want to be a true actress.”

Kim Sae Ron for InStyle 2

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