Core Contents Media to Rebrand as MBK Entertainment

2014-09-30 20:39:15 2014-09-30 20:39:15

Core Contents Media, led by representative Kim Kwang Soo, will be rebranding as MBK Entertainment.

According to an insider, Core Contents Media is already undergoing their name-change and restructuring to start anew as MBK Entertainment. All their current celebrities will move to MBK Entertainment as well. This change comes after Representative Kim was questioned by police for suspicious financial exchanges with an unnamed actress.

It has been reported that with the latest contract that Core Contents Media signed with a Chinese management company for T-Ara, they opted to using the name MBK Entertainment instead of Core Contents Media.

Currently, Core Contents Media’s management roster include musicians and actors like T-Ara, SPEED, Ha Seok Jin, and Son Ho Joon.

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