H.O.T’s Moon Hee Jun Claims He Paved The Way for Wild Hairstyles Among Artists In The Industry Today

2014-09-30 10:19:36 2014-09-30 10:19:36
Moon Hee Jun

First generation idol Moon Hee Jun of the legendary boy band H.O.T claimed that it was his previous hair styles that paved the way for uncensored hair color in the K-pop industry today.

On the September 30 airing of the SBS variety program “Magic Eye,” Moon Hee Jun revealed his rebellious days when he purposely defied the hairstyle restrictions during his time as H.O.T.

“During my days as H.O.T, we had to spray our colored hair black or conceal it with a bandana,” shared Moon Hee Jun on the strict broadcast requirements during his time.

“I thought that I had to fight for my juniors to be able to appear on broadcasts with colored hair,” said Moon Hee Jun as he reminisced the times when he surprised viewers and broadcasting staff with his rainbow-colored hair whenever he went on stage.

Because of his previous actions, Moon Hee Jun considered himself the game-changer that contributed to the removal of the hair color regulation in today’s industry. “It was because of me that BIGBANG’s G-Dragon can freely change his hair color,” Moon Hee Jun proudly said, making everyone in the studio laugh.

Moon Hee Jun