KBS Accuses Chinese TV Show of Plagiarizing Popular “Gag Concert” Segment

2014-09-30 09:48:21 2014-09-30 09:48:21

Broadcast channel KBS is accusing a Chinese TV show of plagiarizing a popular segment from its long-standing comedy program, “Gag Concert.”

KBS is accuing a Chinese comedy program called “Everybody Laugh Together” on Jiangsu TV for copying “Gag Concert”‘s segment called “King of Ratings.”

KBS stated, “They have gone over just copying the format, to blatantly using the segment name.”

KBS further claimed that Jiangsu TV has already recorded other segments that directly copied “Gag Concert” segments like “It Won’t Happen,” “Let It Be,” and “Talk of the Dancers.”

Jiangsu TV has initially looked into buying “Gag Concert”‘s format from KBS, but upon finding out that KBS has partnered with a different Chinese TV channel, turned to SBS for a partnership with their comedy program, “People Looking for a Laugh.

KBS stated that they will be taking further actions against the Chinese channel.