Shin Hye Sung Drops “Ex-Mind” Remake Featuring Uptown’s Snacky Chan

2014-09-30 00:03:24 2014-09-30 00:15:20

Shinhwa star Shin Hye Sung has released a music video for his new song “Ex-Mind,” featuring rapper Snacky Chan.

The track is a part of Shin Hye Sung’s “Once Again” projects, which sees the singer re-record one of his favorite hits from his back catalogue every month.

Shin Hye Sung

“Ex-Mind” was originally released in 2010. The original version had something more of a rock or indie theme, with a strong guitar accompaniment. The remake has a much more urban flavor, however, with RnB stylings, as well as rap sections from Snacky Chan, a member of hip-hop collective Uptown.

A spokesperson for Liveworks Company, the talent agency that represents Shin Hye Sung, explained, “This version of ‘Ex-Mind’ is very different from the original. We wanted to make a very sophisticated song, so we put a lot of effort into the recording. We also enlisted Snacky Chan to work on the song so that we could give the track a completely different feel.”