Sooyoung Takes Advice from “My Spring Day” Co-stars Kam Woo Sung and Kang Bu Ja

2014-09-30 20:28:47 2014-09-30 20:28:47

Dream E&M, the production company behind MBC’s Wednesday-Thursday drama “My Spring Day,” has released still pictures of Girls’ Generation star Sooyoung speaking with co-stars Kam Woo Sung and Kang Bu Ja. The images seem to have been taken between filming sessions, and producers have explained that the girl group member is taking advice on how to act from the two accomplished actors.


A representative from the drama’s production team said, “Whenever Sooyoung has time, she sits next to Kam Woo Sung and Kang Bu Ja and asks their advice.”

Sooyoung explained, “Kang Bu Ja has given me a lot of advice about acting, as well as my life outside the drama. Kam Woo Sung is the same. He is very considerate, and has taught me a lot about the responsibilities of being an actor. This is the most precious moment in my life.”

Kam Woo Sung has been appearing in Korean dramas since the early 1990s, and shot to fame after appearing in 2005 movie “The King and the Clown.” Kang Bu Ja is also a long-time star of television and film in Korea, and has an acting career that stretches back to the 1960s.