Strawberry Milk (Crayon Pop’s ChoA and Way) Reveal Debut Date and Album Tracklist

2014-09-30 04:14:17 2014-09-30 06:23:19

Chrome Entertainment has shared more details about the debut of Crayon Pop‘s first unit group, Strawberry Milk!

On September 30, the agency announced through Crayon Pop’s Facebook page, “The debut date for Strawberry Milk has been confirmed as October 15.” The unit consists of the group’s twin sisters, ChoA and Way.

The duo will debut with a mini album titled “Explode,” which consists of four tracks. In addition to the title track, “OK,” the album includes songs “Please Tell Me,” “Hello,” and “Feel So Good.” 

“Please Tell Me” is gaining attention for being personally written and produced by Way. This will be her first time to showcase her composing skills since her debut under Crayon Pop. Way is well known for being a member of an indie band in the past.

“The members’ opinions have been taken into account while planning and producing the concept, outfits, and choreography of their debut track, ‘OK,'” the agency revealed, raising the expectations for Strawberry Milk’s debut.

Stay tuned for more updates on the unit’s nearing debut!