Boyfriend Gets Ready for “WITCH” Comeback

2014-10-01 07:09:30 2014-10-01 07:09:30

After unveiling some concept photos of members Minwoo and Youngmin as well as the tracks of their upcoming album, “WITCH,” Boyfriend excited their fans even more with the release of the must-remember dates for their comeback.

On October 1, Boyfriend posted on their official Facebook another concept photo that not only shows more of the new look that the boys will be having during their comeback promotion but also the dates for their television promotion and album release.


All six members donned red cloaks and had mysterious looks on their pale faces with bold, dark make-up that made some fans think whether they are witches or vampires. Nonetheless, the fans are very excited to hear about this comeback from the group that has been busy with promotions in Japan for a while.

The group is set to begin promotion on television by October 9 while the release of their 3rd mini album on October 13.

Meanwhile, teaser photos of members Hyunseong, Kwangmin, Donghyun, and Jeongmin were also uploaded recently, in addition to Minwoo and Jeongmin’s individual photos.

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