Girl’s Day Set to Return in October with Duble Sidekick-Produced Ballad

2014-10-01 19:30:40 2014-10-01 19:30:40

Four member group Girl’s Day has revealed it will be making a comeback sometime in the middle of this month.

A spokesperson for the group explained, “The title track of the new release will be a ballad, rather than the kind of dance number that fans are most familiar with. It is a special song that has been recorded with the fans in mind. We will be trying to show the unique attraction of each of the members of the group.”

The representative also revealed that hit song-maker Duble Sidekick will be taking charge of the production on the new ballad.

Duble Sidekick has previously collaborated with the girls on their previous hits, including “Something” and “Darling,” both chart successes when they were released earlier this year.