Lee Min Jung Shows Off Her Glowing Skin and Perfect Body Line in Her Watch Photo Shoot

2014-10-01 10:13:36 2014-10-01 10:13:36

Actress Lee Min Jung’s watch photo shoot has been released on W Magazine.

Lee Min Jung has been chosen to be the first to model the Swiss made Tory Burch watch that is globally launching on October 1. The concept of this photo shoot was on Lee Min Jung’s busy 24 hour day spent with Tory Burch watch.

During the photo shoot, Lee Min Jung was constantly laughing and making jokes that livened up the photo shoot studio. In her morning scene shoot, she showed off her flawless, glowing skin that appeared to have very little make-up. It has been also reported that she blew away the staff members with her perfect body line at the studio scene.

The representative from Tory Burch, Parcel Korea shared that they decided to choose Lee Min Jung as their model for the new Tory Burch watch collection because of the urban, luxurious and clean image she possesses.

Tory Burch is presenting their new seven unique watch collection birthed by inspirations obtained from travel destinations, vintage jewelry and various colors.

Lee Min Jung’s photo shoot with Tory Burch can be found on the October edition of W magazine and style.com.

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