Seo Taiji Drops Teaser for IU’s Version of “Sogyeokdong,” His 9th Album Pre-release

2014-10-01 01:55:05 2014-10-01 01:55:05

On October 1, Seo Taiji dropped the teaser video for IU’s version of his long-awaited album pre-release track, called “Sogyeokdong.” The pre-release is from Seo Taiji’s ninth album, entitled “Quiet Night.”

Prior to the teaser release, Seo Taiji Company released IU’s version of the jacket image and lyrics for “Sogyeokdong,” drawn in the likeness of a winter fairytale.

iu seotaiji

“Sogyeokdong” was written and produced by Seo Taiji, and separate versions were recorded for both him and IU. The two versions will be released separately, and will have their separate music videos, as well, for two parts of a whole.

The song has a trap-influenced sound, with a slow but strong rhythm and groove. IU’s version is set to be released at midnight on October 2, and Seo Taiji’s version will drop later at midnight on October 10.

Check out the teaser for IU’s version of the song below!