After School’s Raina Collaborates with TROY’s Kanto in Upcoming Solo Single

2014-10-02 21:32:22 2014-10-02 21:32:22
Raina, Kanto

The sweet-voiced Raina of After School and its sub-unit Orange Caramel collaborated with hip-hop group TROY‘s rapper Kanto on her upcoming solo album.

According to PLEDIS Entertainment on October 3, Raina has worked with TROY’s Kanto on “I Know It’s A Joke,” the title track of her first solo album, “Reset.” The track is set for release on October 8.

After receiving a lot of love for her collaboration with San E on the track “A Midsummer Night’s Sweetness” last June, anticipation is high on Raina’s new collaboration with rapper Kanto this time.

In “I Know It’s A Joke,” Raina and Kanto sing about a guy who suddenly tells his girlfriend to break up despite sharing a sweet relationship and a lady who saw the breakup coming but was in denial until it happened.

“We tried our best to capture Raina’s true voice that has been hidden throughout this time. Kanto’s baritone rap added to Raina’s vocals brought out the lonely feeling of the song,” said a representative of PLEDIS Entertainment.

Watch out for Raina and Kanto’s collaboration on “I Know It’s A Joke” off Raina’s first digital album “Reset” which drops on October 8.