G-Dragon Caught Up in Controversy over Instagram Post Allegedly Referring to Drugs

2014-10-02 01:16:43 2014-10-02 01:17:11

BIGBANG‘s leader G-Dragon has been criticized by Korean netizens for posting a controversial photo on his Instagram earlier today.

While the photo was uploaded on his account on October 1, the post has now been deleted and can no longer be found on G-Dragon’s Instagram.

The picture in question shows the name “Molly” written on a heart-shaped pile of powder. “Molly” is a slang word referring to MDMA, a type of party drug, which is also a chemical used in Ecstasy. Since last year, the drug has been highly covered by the media for its growing popularity among the younger crowd, particularly in the United States.

The Korean netizens have been criticizing G-Dragon’s behavior, especially as the idol was caught up in a controversy back in 2011, when he was caught smoking marijuana in Japan. Some are wondering if he was unaware of the meaning of “Molly,” but most netizens are expressing their disappointment over his careless action.

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