Lee Dong Wook Starts Turning Into a Superhero on “Blade Man”

2014-10-02 00:46:02 2014-10-02 00:46:28

Actor Lee Dong Wook has started turning into a superhero on KBS2TV’s Wednesday-Thursday drama “Blade Man.”

In the seventh episode that aired on October 1, Joo Hong Bin (Lee Dong Wook) begun exploring his extraordinary powers that have been hidden in his body. Soon, he realized his ability to run faster than a car, and also became aware of his explosive strength when he made a dent in a car by simply touching it.

In particular, Joo Hong Bin caught the viewers’ attention as he started using his superpowers with ease. To help save Se Dong (Shin Se Kyung) from being hit by a wheelbarrow, he grabbed the handle and threw away the wheelbarrow loaded with heavy bags, demonstrating his ability to control his powers.

Until now, the superhero has been unable to show his maximum potential, and the his powers have been activated unintentionally in rather unexpected situations. It appears that Joo Hong Bin has now grasped the scope of his skills, and is finally beginning to use them for his advantage.

The eighth episode of “Blade Man” airs today, on October 2, at 10 p.m.