Which Drama Is Currently Leading in Viewer Ratings for the Wednesday-Thursday Slot?

2014-10-03 02:23:44 2014-10-07 15:58:44

With tight competition for SBS, KBS, and MBC dramas in the same Wednesday-Thursday time slot, it has been revealed which drama is currently in the lead, in terms of viewer ratings. However, it is also being said that each one of these dramas are struggling to surpass the 10% mark, regardless of the broadcast station on which it is aired.

According to Nielsen Korea, the October 2 broadcast of MBC’s “My Spring Day” recorded 8.8% in viewership ratings, putting it in first place during its time slot. On the other hand, SBS’ “My Lovely Girl,” which aired one hour later than normal due to the live broadcast of the 2014 Incheon Asian Games, resulted in a rating of 4.7%.

This display of relatively low ratings are a concern for the three major broadcast stations, as their dramas are unable to maintain the same amount of influence and popularity as before. While “My Spring Day” has proven to reach the most number of viewers, the inability to break the 10% mark leaves much to be desired from these dramas.

In addition, KBS’ “Blade Man,” which was cancelled on this day, has seen a viewer rating of 6.9% as its highest thus far, as it stays around the 5% mark on average.

A broadcast representative shared, “The viewers’ pattern and style of watching dramas is continuing to change. It’s not an easy task to hold on to the viewers who tune in live to watch the dramas. In order to meet the rising standards of the viewers, we must create more original, quality dramas.”

Which one of these Wednesday-Thursday dramas are you currently enjoying?