What Was G.NA’s Job Prior to Her Debut as a Singer?

2014-10-04 13:14:56 2014-10-04 13:14:56

Singer G.NA recently revealed a job that she held in the past, before making her debut into the music industry.

During the October 4 broadcast of KBS’ variety show “The Human Condition,” G.NA talked about how she worked as an instructor at an academy for a long time prior to her singing debut.

On this episode, “The Human Condition” cast member Kim Shin Young went out in search of G.NA as well as Ulala Session’s Kwang Sun for their help. It appears that Kim Shin Young was seeking to find people to assist her in holding lessons at a local community center, with Kwang Sun’s knowledge of music and G.NA’s English speaking abilities.

When G.NA heard that Kim Shin Young wanted her help in teaching English, the singer coincidentally confessed, “I have experience as an English instructor. I was an academy teacher for a long time.”

Are you surprised to hear of G.NA’s previous job as an English teacher?
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