Yoon Jong Shin to Hold Monthly Auditions for His Label MYSTIC89

2014-10-04 00:23:12 2014-10-04 00:23:12

Producer and entertainer Yoon Jong Shin announced that he will begin to hold monthly auditions for his label, MYSTIC89.

He is currently in the process of planning out the details with his label staff.

Despite a busy schedule and the difficulty that comes with such a big commitment, Yoon Jong Shin has decided on monthly audition to help unique musicians become more well-known. His goal is to help the Korean popular music industry be more concerned with the “music” than the “star.”

An acquaintance of Yoon Jong Shin told the media that “He means to help those who are stuck being trainees when they have more than enough musical talent. He wants to give them a chance to focus on music.”

Yoon Jong Shin’s label MYSTIC89 is home to numerous talented artists such as Lim Kim, Park Ji Yoon, Jo Jung Chi, Eddy Kim, and Kim Yeon Woo.