IU Drops Music Video for Her Version of Seo Taiji Duet “Sogyeokdong”

2014-10-05 19:56:32 2014-10-05 19:59:53

The IU version of the music video for IU and Seo Taiji’s “Sogyeokdong” has been released.

The song is taken from the forthcoming Seo Taiji comeback album “Quiet Night,” and stormed to the top of the charts when it dropped on October 2. It is written and produced by veteran music star Seo Taiji, and features the vocals of IU.

The IU version of the video seems to be set in Korea’s past, against a backdrop of hanok (traditional Korean houses), and what sound like air raid sirens can be heard throughout.

Seo Taiji is also expected to release his version of “Sogyeokdong” on October 10. Meanwhile, “Quiet Night” is slated to drop on October 20, two days after the star performs at a concert called “Christmalowin” in the Olympic Complex in the Jamsil district of Seoul.