New Lee Sang Yoon Stills from Upcoming Drama “Liar Game” Released

2014-10-05 21:46:47 2014-10-05 21:46:47

On October 6, the production team behind tvN’s upcoming drama, “Liar Game” released Lee Sang Yoon’s stills. The stills foreshadowed a wild transformation of the actor. Lee Sang Yoon is no longer the “nation’s son-in-law.” In one photo he could be seen wearing a leather jacket and a dark expression, while in another he is wearing a prisoners’ uniform with a cold, black stare. The stills depict a complete change into the character of the youngest psychology professor turned genius swindler, Ha Woo Jin.

In both stills, Lee Sang Yoon looks like a man with a story, as he looks strong and charismatic with his lips pressed firmly closed and strong gaze. These stills anticipate this dramatic transformation from his character in “My Daughter Seo Young” as the gentle, sweet husband that every woman would want.

1006 lee sang yoon liar game stills

The production team commented, “In order to portray a completely new character than from his previous works, Lee Sang Yoon himself works the hardest in analyzing and interpreting the character. He shows his passion even on the set as he asks the opinions of the staff on set with regards to his acting, and this gets all of us going during the shoot.”

Meanwhile, “Liar Game” is based off of a Japanese manga of the same name written by Kaitani Shinobu. The story will revolve around the human nature of people when confronted with a large amount of money. It is set to be a psychological thriller that sets its foundation upon a reality show called the “Liar Game,” where victory can only be achieved through trickery and lies against the opponents. A young, innocent college student gets scammed as she enters the game, and asks the help of a professor turned swindler for help.

It will air its first episode on October 20 on tvN, taking the Monday-Tuesday slot from “My Secret Hotel.” Kim So Eun and Shin Sung Rok will also star as the college student and the producer of the reality program, respectively. Who’s looking forward to this drama?

In case you missed the main teaser trailer here it is: