Stills from the Last Filming of SBS “Glorious Day” Released

2014-10-05 18:54:56 2014-10-05 18:54:56

On October 5, SBS’s weekend drama, “Glorious Day” met its early termination, as the originally 50 episode series ended at episode 44. In celebration of their bittersweet final filming, the on screen couples took behind the scenes photos with their final scripts. “Glorious Day” was a good hearted, well made drama that had no provocative plotlines that are popular among high rating dramas. It told the story of the struggles of a single mother of three daughters that was able to raise all of them well and into good marriages.

The photos were a way of thanking the avid viewers that fully supported their drama until the end. Lovers turned married couple, Park Se Young and Lee Sang Woo got together close just as if they were on screen. Single dad Jung Man Shik and Hwang Woo Seul Hye, who ended up also getting married, brought laughter as they said, “We just have to act like our normal selves, right?” as they posed naturally. Also pictured are couples Hong Bin (from the boy group VIXX) and Go Woori (from the girl group Rainbow), and Kim Hyung Kyu and Jung Hye Sung.

1005 glorious days last filming

A representative of the production company, Logos Film, commented, “With the airing of the last episode today, our glorious journey of ‘Glorious Day’ also ended beautifully. We would like to express our thanks to the actors and staff members that spent time together as a family, as well as our viewers that cheered us on until the end over the course of six months since our first filming in March.”

Did anyone keep up with the series?