“Superman Returns” Shows Super Dad Chu Sung Hoon as UFC fighter

2014-10-05 02:47:41 2014-10-05 02:47:41

Super dad Chu Sung Hoon recently returned to fight at the UCF (Ultimate Fighting Championship). Pictures of his tightly toned body were shown on various online websites. As he is often seen hugging and smiling with his lovely daughter Chu Sarang, these pictures surprised the netizens as this was such a different sight of him.

To let Chu Sung Hoon train for his fight, his wife, Yano Shiho, had been taking his role on the show and as we will soon see, while he was not being able to spend some fun time with Chu Sarang, Chu Sarang’s dad had been training extremely hard.

The upcoming episode of Superman Returns will show the fight that ensued on September 20. Chu Sung Hoon fought against Amir Sadollah in Japan and won the game.

Chu Sung Hoon at UFC