Red Velvet to Come Back with a Remake of S.E.S’ Hit Song “Be Natural” Next Week!

2014-10-06 18:16:59 2014-10-06 18:34:51

Red Velvet is gearing up to make their return with a brand new remake of S.E.S’ hit song titled “Be Natural.”

On October 7, SM Entertainment announced that Red Velvet’s second digital single “Be Natural” is set to be released next week, on October 13, through various music sites.

While the group’s debut track, “Happiness,” showed off the members’ refreshing and lively side, this upcoming remake of “Be Natural” is said to showcase their mature and alluring charms.

“Be Natural” is a song that received much love after it was originally released in 2000 by S.E.S, a girl group formerly under SM Entertainment, through their fourth album, “A Letter from Green Land.”

Red Velvet members Seulgi and Irene previously displayed a performance for this song through a clip released when they were still a part of SMROOKIES, prior to their official debut. It has been said that the version for the group’s comeback has been upgraded with Red Velvet’s own color, and will show a more sensual, sophisticated performance.

Get ready, because Red Velvet will officially begin promotions with “Be Natural” on music shows following the song’s release next week! Are you excited for their comeback?
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