Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga In Sings First Drama OST for Main Track of “My Spring Day”

2014-10-07 02:43:31 2014-10-07 15:10:31

Brown Eyed GirlsGa In is taking a stab at her first drama OST. Singing “I Believe” for MBC’s “My Spring Day,” starring Kam Woo Sung and Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung, Ga In is lending her voice to the main theme for the drama, a song that expresses the emotions behind Dong Ha (Kam Woo Sung) and Bom Yi (Sooyoung)’s relationship.

“My Spring Day” is a melodrama about a woman (Bom Yi) who, after receiving a heart transplant, falls in love with her donor’s husband. The drama is currently holding the top position among the currently-airing Wednesday-Thursday dramas, followed by “My Lovely Girl” and “Iron Man.”

Ga In’s “I Believe,” Part Four of the drama soundtrack, will be released on October 8.

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