“Secret Door” Tops Contents Power Index Despite Fall in Ratings

2014-10-07 18:34:55 2014-10-07 18:34:55

SBS‘ latest historical drama Secret Door has topped the Contents Power Index (CPI) released every week by CJ E&M and Nielsen Korea.

Contents Power Index measures quantitative data from direct searches, social media mentions, and news results.

For the fourth week of September, “Secret Door” came in first place in CPI with 287.2 points.

Following “Secret Door” were drama “Discovery of Love,” variety show “Happy Together,” “Running Man,” and drama “My Lovely Girl” in second to fifth places, respectively. “Happy Together” jumped up six places from the previous week.

However, Monday’s episode of “Secret Door” saw a 7% rating nationwide, according to Nielsen, behind “The Night Watchman” which scored a 9.7% rating. The ratings from “Secret Door” has been steadily falling from last Monday’s 10%. Episode five which aired last Tuesday had a 7.5% rating.