Seo Taiji: “My Wife Lee Eun Sung Is a Big Fan of IU”

2014-10-08 20:49:38 2014-10-08 20:49:38

Seo Taiji, who has recently released a collaboration with IU entitled Sogyeokdong, has revealed that his wife, the actress Lee Eun Sung, is a huge fan of singer IU.

At a recent recording of KBS show “Happy Together 3,” the veteran K-pop star spoke in detail about his wife.

Seo Taiji explained that when he was dating Lee Eun Sung, she would often listen to IU songs.

Seo Taiji and IU’s collaboration track, “Sogyeokdong,” is a pre-release track from Seo Taiji’s much-awaited comeback album, and soared straight to the top of several music charts upon its release. Seo Taiji explained that he had not expected the song to be quite as popular as it has been, saying, “I was very surprised that the song hit Number 1 as soon as it was released. I think the fact that IU collaborated on the track is the main reason it has done so well.”

“Happy Together 3,” featuring guest Seo Taiji, will air on October 9 at 11:10 p.m.