“The King’s Face” Goes into Production Despite Legal Issues

2014-10-08 19:13:04 2014-10-08 19:13:04

KBS‘ upcoming drama “The King’s Face” has gone into filming despite the recent copyright infringement and competition issues raised by the production company behind the film “The Face Reader.”

On October 8, the Seoul Justice Department ruled out the lawsuit filed by Jupiter Film, the production company behind “The Face Reader.” Previously, they were in talks with KBS to create a drama from the same source material as the movie. However, their agreement fell apart and when they approached another broadcaster with the offer, KBS still used the content to plan a drama called “The King’s Face.”

Those in the film industry voiced their concern over the lenient regulations on copyright laws as implemented by the justice department in this incident, criticizing the state’s lack of protection of creative properties.

“The King’s Face” will star Seo In Gook, Lee Sung Jae, and Jo Yoon Hee. It will premiere after the completion of “Blade Man.”

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