Kim Kyung Ho Sets His Wedding Date in November

2014-10-09 06:03:07 2014-10-09 06:03:07

Rocker Kim Kyung Ho has set his wedding date to November 8 and will be marrying his Japanese girlfriend who is 13 years younger than him. He turned 43 this year. It has been reported that he invited the parents of the bride to Korea to meet his parents in August of this year, and the couple is busy preparing the upcoming wedding despite Kim Kyung Ho’s busy schedule.

Kim Kyung Ho met his wife back in 2011 through a mutual friend of his, and he will be starting his new family in Seoul. He has continuously shared about his love for his soon-to-be wife throughout. In his interview for his tenth album, “Coexistance – Part 01 – Sunset,” he shared, “She is a considerate person even though she is younger than me. She understands my limitations in spending lots of time with her due to my situation as a celebrity.”

Kim Kyung Ho debut in 1994 and blew away his fans with 4 octave voice range, and though he had to stop working in 2006 due to his arthritis related problems, he made his way back to where he is today.