Park Aeri: “My Husband Poppin’ Hyun Joon Is Not Immature”

2014-10-09 10:49:21 2014-10-09 10:49:21

Folk music star Park Aeri has spoken out about her husband PoppinHyun Joon, a dancer and former member of Young Turks Club.

Poppin’ Hyun Joon had recently taken to social media to speak about reports that focused on his hobby of collecting toys. He semi-jokingly complained, “This kind of news comes up so often!”

He also wrote, “Everyone thinks that Park Aeri must have so many problems because of me. But it’s just my hobby, and I am not as immature as I might appear to be on certain TV shows.”

After Park Aeri saw his message, she too took to a social media site and wrote, “Sometimes he [Poppin’ Hyun Joon] collects figurines as a way to relax. When he comes back home, he always plays with our young child, and always speaks to his family about everyday life. My husband is not immature at all. He is cool and lovely.”

Then, addressing Poppin’ Hyun Joon, she added, “You are more beautiful because you are so innocent. I love your work.”

The couple wed in 2011, and have one daughter. They have also both performed together on KBS show “Immortal Song.”