Seo In Guk Sustains Eye Injury During “The King’s Face” Rehearsal, Currently Hospitalized

2014-10-09 00:46:55 2014-10-09 00:46:55

Actor Seo In Guk was recently rushed to the hospital after injuring his eye while practicing action scenes for KBS2TV’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama “The King’s Face.”

A representative revealed, “While practicing action scenes at an action school, Seo In Guk was accidentally hit by a stuntman. He was hospitalized after his eye started to ache and swell, and he is currently receiving treatment.”

“Not only was Seo In Guk taken aback by the injury, but it also affected others present at the time. The action school staff are currently being treated at a hospital to ensure their healthiness,” the source added.

According to the reports, the filming schedule will not be altered due to the injury.

We wish Seo In Guk a quick and smooth recovery!

“The King’s Face” starring Seo In Guk, Lee Sung Jae, and Jo Yoon Hee will premiere in November.

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