Actress Jang Nara to Return to Small Screen Once Again Through New Drama “Mister Baek”

2014-10-10 02:05:36 2014-10-10 02:05:36

Actress Jang Nara, who wrapped up her most recent production, “Fated to Love You,” last month, will once again be returning to the small screen with another MBC drama titled “Mister Baek.”

With the confirmation of Jang Nara’s casting in this upcoming fantasy, romantic comedy drama, she will be starring alongside actor Shin Ha Kyun.

The actress will be taking on the role of Eun Ha Soo, a representative member of society’s unemployed youths, who constantly switches part-time jobs for even a mere 500 KRW (~ $0.47 USD) difference in pay.

Jang Nara explained her thoughts on going into this new drama, “I decided on my casting because the fantasy-romance genre and interesting storyline pulled me in. I will work hard to show viewers a new side and good acting through the character of Eun Ha Soo.”

Shin Ha Kyun will be playing the role of a chaebol company president in his 70s with money, status, and fame, who suddenly returns to his 30s through a fateful accident, and learns what real love is.

“Mister Baek” is scheduled to premiere this November, following the completion of  “My Spring Day.”