Comedian Jo Sae Ho Talks About How Much Lee Dong Wook Swears On “Roommate 2”

2014-10-10 07:30:23 2014-10-10 07:30:23

Members of the reality TV show “Roommate 2” Bae Jong Ok, Park Joon Hyung, Lee Gook Joo, Otani Ryohei, Lee Dong Wook, Jo Sae Ho, Park Min Woo, Nana, and KARA’s Youngji sat down together to discuss their upcoming show.

After several members of the first season of the show decided to quit, and various scandals including those that concerned Park Bom, Park Min Woo (driving while dozing off to sleep), and forced love lines were criticized by many, the main producer of the show Park Sang Hyuk said, “I’m taking some time to self-reflect myself on those wrongdoings. I think that there is going to be a lot of change for season 2. I think we didn’t show very well how a group of people can live under one roof and that’s why the audience couldn’t sympathize with us.”

He continued, “We’re working hard to convince the audience to give us a second chance.” Lee Gook Joo said, “When we’re together, the atmosphere is so great. There’s nothing that ‘set-up’ and we will show our true selves.”

Jo Sae Ho talked, “Because there are so many people living together, we are all curious about each other. We talk about everything and anything.” At this moment, Lee Dong Wook said to Jo Sae Ho, “Try not to swear so much,” to which the latter jokingly replied, “I feel like my ears are bleeding when Lee Dong Wook swears. It has such an impact. We’ll show you why Lee Dong ‘Wook’ is named as such. [The word “wook” is an informal Korean term meaning that can be translated into “ugh” whenever somebody is angry or disgusted.]

Lee Dong Wook then laughingly said, “I am a very ‘wook’ person indeed and I will quit as it seems to bother the members. I think that overexposure and swearing scenes are very much edited out.”