EXO D.O’s “Cart” Co-Stars Reveal They Asked for His Autograph and Picture on Movie Set

2014-10-10 13:39:48 2014-10-10 13:39:48

The soon-to-be-released movie titled “Cart” tells the story of women who live their lives working temporary jobs, and EXO’s D.O (Do Kyung Soo) will be acting alongside actress Yeom Jung Ah, portraying a mother-son relationship.

In the movie’s storyline, D.O has taken on the role of a rebellious teenager who is going through a tough period of adolescence. Off the stage, he is prepared to show his talent as an actor, different from his charms as an idol singer.

During the press conference for “Cart,” D.O’s co-star and acting senior, Kim Young Ae, shared about the EXO member’s popularity on the movie set: “There was a time when Kyung Soo visited the set when he didn’t have a scheduled filming. So many people were asking for his autograph and to take pictures that even I was embarrassed to see it. I told him to quickly go home because I thought it was difficult for him. I don’t know if it’s become a part of his everyday life, but just watching him, it seemed so tiring.”

Actress Moon Jung Hee also added, “We’re all actors working together, but the people around us would ask us to get Kyung Soo’s autograph, so even we were a part of that. I felt sorry [about that].”

However, D.O seemed to laugh it off and assured his co-stars that it was okay.

Meanwhile, “Cart” is scheduled to open up in theaters this November. Are you planning to watch it?